HMI / User Interface Design
BMW i8
Project Overview

The BMW i8 set a new standard in fully digital instrumentation for plug-in hybrid vehicle. In the past, traditional instruments only had to communicate a small amount of data to the user. With the i8, we needed to be able to communicate a multi-modal method of propulsion and energy use. Not only we had a traditional engine speed indicator, but we needed to show a relationship between the traditional combustion engine and the energy being used proportionally by the electric motor in a way the user could easily understand

Building on work done during the BMW Vision user interface project, we decided to use 3D representations of a traditional round instrument that kept the BMW instrument language while expanding on the new technology offered with the i8. Further, the fully digital nature of the display allowed for morphing the visuals based on the driving mode that the user selected.


Role: Senior Design Lead, Concept, Design, Aniimation, Production
Client: BMW Group Designworks / BMW A.G