Mercedes Benz:
New York Auto Show


> Mercedes Left Display Video

> Mercedes Right Display Video


> Audi + Tagboard Social Experience

Client: Mercedes Benz North America

This Project:

Mercedes Benz was looking to create content for a myriad of displays at the New York Auto Show to launch a new luxury 4 door 'coupe' called the CLS. Mercedes Benz has been at the forefront of automobile innovation including creating the first automobile. As such, centuries of innovation had culminated in what was the CLS class. To illustrate this vast history, a visual timeline was created from the beginning of the company's history to the modern day. Furthermore, Mercedes history was interwoven with key social movements to create a seven minute program to be displayed at the auto show.
The piece consists of stitched together displays, along with 6 'jumbo-trons'. The timeline methaphor was split as well with each piece intertwined with its own timeline and sharing content. All of these displays flanked the new car, the CLS, on display.