Broadcast Network Rebrand
Project Overview

Nicktoons is the place to be....after school. The direction of the extensive Nicktoons rebrand was rooted in 3 basic worlds (fire, water and space). The package draws upon classic action film conventions and techniques to create a dynamic look; network and programming info flashes out at the viewer in bold, attention-grabbing imagery, surrounded by pulsating lasers, slow-motion shots, “bullet-time” sequences, with fire and explosive energy.

We essentially create two basic actions – expanding and contracting (explosion and implosion, impact and aftermath). This is in a sense the basic narrative of every piece of the package – within this structure, there are a myriad of opportunities to play with expectations, to create funny situations and bold, enthralling imagery. There is not one kind of kinetic action but instead multiple kinds, from the classic Kaboom, to energy-based starbursts, to technical exploded-views of energy filled worlds and elements.


Role: Creative Director, Concept, Design
Client: Nickelodeon / Roger LA