HMI / User Interface Design
Rolls Royce 8
Project Overview

The new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, is the eighth generation Rolls Royce in its century plus history. Consideration of it's careful evolution from the previous generation, it continues the philosophy of less is more, away from visual complexity. The user interface doesn't need to remind the user of the technology, yet has all the technological advances and its accessibility giving a Rolls Royce tailored experience.

I used the metaphor of a nautilus' spiral and pages within a book, creating a mental model for the user experience. We also decided to adhere to the tangible qualities of the physical materials utilized in the vehicle. We gave weight to the movements, and paid maticulous attention to all the visual aspects that would be used within the visual design of the user interface. We also decided to minimize the number of control mechanisms to keep things simpler. This also helps in insuring that the experience is authentic and will age gracefully.


Role: Senior Project Lead, Concept, Design, Project Management
Client: Rolls Royce / BMW Group Designworks / BMW A.G