I am a user experience design director working in automotive with experience in branding, design strategy, visual design, and motion graphics.

Past clients and projects include Google Stadia, Apple TV+, Kia, BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Toyota.

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Recent Work

Recent Work

Recent Work

Recent Work

Fisker — Infotainment UX & UI / ADAS


A vehicle's safety and driving assistant features communicate critical information to the driver and passengers. The information needs to be delivered promptly and the user's experience intuitive. Under my direction, the instrument cluster and center information display provide a superior ADAS experience. In addition, our design extends traditional ADAS features that assist and protect vulnerable road users outside the vehicle.

I led our design team in creating Fisker's ADAS implementation, called FiPilot. This involved competitive research, creating product design plans, feature requirements, and documentation, and designing the experience and feature prototypes. The team was involved in continual testing and iterative design process for production. We collaborated with our technical program managers, software development teams, and technology partners to create unique features and implement an intuitive ADAS product design for all of Fisker's products. 

Due to contractual obligations, project specifics are protected. Please request access by email.

Kia — Advanced Cockpit UX & UI


In 2020, I worked as a senior consultant on advanced cockpit concepts for Kia as part of their rebranding effort. Our work on the project consisted of extensive research, unique user experience concepts, and simple UI and interaction design elements for a wide information display and a head-up display. We presented a comprehensive prototype to the Hyundai Group chairman in Korea and received high praise.

I created user stories, personas, mental models, wireframes, and visual designs for Kia's new brand launch. The designs feature wide center displays with head-up projections and mobile app integration. This allows users to interact with the vehicle and stream digital content and services by creating personalized digital spaces. Kia is currently implementing these concepts in their new EV vehicle designs.

Due to contractual obligations, project specifics are protected. Please request access by email.

Toyota Supra — Infotainment UX & UI


Toyota and BMW collaborated to bring back the iconic Supra, Toyota's sports car from the 90s. However, the Supra's infotainment system posed unique challenges. Toyota wished to incorporate the BMW iDrive software platform, but it was necessary to differentiate between the two brands and their digital experiences.differentiate the two brands and their digital experience.

I created a tailored infotainment system for Toyota as the project's creative director, working with BMW's iDrive architecture. My team conducted in-depth research into Toyota's history, design, digital innovations, and customer preferences. We created new instrument cluster designs and a fresh visual language for the Toyota Supra and sports car enthusiasts.

Rolls-Royce — User Interface Design


Rolls-Royce designed a brand new digital cockpit for their latest models, the eighth-generation Phantom and new Cullinan SUV. The brand caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from royalty and heads of state to entrepreneurs and musicians. Our team created an infotainment system that fulfilled the brand's commitment to delivering a sophisticated product with unparalleled craftsmanship that surpassed all expectations.

We spent three years designing an ultra-luxury in-car experience for Rolls-Royce's Phantom and Cullinan models. Our team developed an elegant solution that meets the needs of Rolls-Royce customers while providing a unique and effortless experience.

BMW — i3 & i8 Infotainment UX & UI


As the lead designer for BMW Designworks, my team was tasked with creating digital interfaces for BMW's new i3 and i8 concept and production vehicles.

Our team spent over two years creating innovative ways to communicate information to users. We provided standard iDrive functionality and designed screens to display battery capacity, range, and energy use for drivers. For the i8, we created dynamic instrument displays to show driving modes and fuel consumption, and included a digital HVAC control display to simplify temperature control.

EA — Need4Speed Game UI


EA asked us to design an interface for Need 4 Speed - Underground. Players race on city streets, recruited by the underground to hack into the city's surveillance network.

Our team designed a gritty interface design that mimicked a  city computer hack using lo-fi graphics showing analog controls and glitchy mainframe graphics.

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